Meditation is health


Meditation is health. It is a wonderfully important tool: it makes us feel good about ourselves and others.

This is an article written thanks to the collaboration of our naturopath and energy therapy expert Tiziana Buttari. Tiziana tells us that:

Health also passes through meditation

I will not divulge myself in what Science has felt about the practice of meditation, I will simply try to explain the actual benefits because they are practiced.

What is meditation 

Awareness = Ability to be aware of what is actually perceived with one’s behavioral responses.

How many types of meditation are there? Which is the best?

There are an infinity of meditations the most known and practiced are:

Laughter meditation,

Kundalini Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Dynamic Meditation, Vipasana Meditation, Walking Meditation, Zen Meditation.

I don’t think there is a meditation more valid than another, I believe more in a meditation more in tune with ourselves, a time in which we find ourselves in constant listening.

With a time practice (10 minutes / 20 minutes) necessary for our inner calm.

Meditating is important. It represents a path that we can all truly do. The cost? … It is time for you. What you want to give yourself. The time you want to listen to yourself. Give yourself time to understand what animates your spirit and your heart.

“… Having reached the conjunction with ourselves we can begin the journey of our true knowledge.

There will be, initially, difficulties in concentration, especially those people with a busy life and anxious character. I recommend keeping a constant and daily practice of your meditation, whatever it is.

Meditation is health. The infinite benefits of meditation 

Meditation will lead to: Decreased stress, improved physical and mental health, improved sleep, increased personal abilities, increased mental faculties, development of the ability to manage chronic pain, helps to create harmony in relationships, helps us to understand the importance of the present moment. It’s the moment of “ here and now”, precisely the present moment, which is the only one in which we can experience happiness, and finally … reduces fear!

In order to meditate, you don’t need breathtaking landscapes or special positions. In our home, in our special place, sitting comfortably on a comfortable armchair or chair. Bare feet well resting on the ground, straight back. It is important not to have posture pains and we must let our body take a natural position, without tension or strain. A light meditation music can serve, or a special friend who knows how to conduct meditation….

… and here you are … it’s you and your inner world …  

In short, I just have to say: try! It will be an experiment that will conquer you!



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