Suffumigi: to treat flu, cough and bronchitis. Ancient but effective method


Suffumigi, a word that takes me back in time. When we still gave the right weight to things, when we respected the disease. What I mean? Let’s think about it! Now if we are sick with a cold or a normal flu we must immediately let it pass because there is no way we don’t go to the business meeting, or we skip the gym or a pizza with friends!

But maybe our body is telling us something? Perhaps the disease is a symptom that we need to carefully consider.

Do appropriate therapy and allow your body to rest and recover… this is what must be done for every disease, from the mildest to the most severe.

And the fumigations are part of this therapy.


Surely now there are many drugs that are so easy to take, even to dissolve in the mouth without even a glass of water (and even here it would have to be said … water should be the first therapy, implemented during every state of illness). Super fast drugs, acting so fast that they overwhelm our system and put it back on its feet and in performance in a matter of seconds. Okay once, but we do not treat, rather we “mistreat” our body like this.

Suffumigi: effective therapy for everyone.

The fumigations represent an extremely effective therapy for treating and cleaning the entire bronchial tree. From the upper airways to the smallest pulmonary alveoli, not forgetting the ears and also treating sinusitis magnificently.

While we are there, with our towel on our heads, we also take some time for ourselves. The essential oils that we are going to put in our pot will be precious to free the mind too and elevate it to more positive, more beautiful … healthier feelings and emotions!

We can always do them, and depending on the intensity of our disease, we could even do them three times a day. We invite you to try the essential oils of Podere Santa Bianca… really an extra gear! I remind you to put the Omeo2019 code for your orders: you will receive a 10% discount.

A therapy that our grandmothers taught and handed down to us. Not everything that represents the past is to be thrown away. Rather! I would say that we must always start from our past, from our roots to consolidate today and look to tomorrow with more confidence in ourselves and in who we are.

And here is the video that explains how to do the fumigations well! Good vision.


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