Post vaccine homeopathic drainage

Post vaccine homeopathic drainage
Post vaccine homeopathic drainage

Post-vaccine homeopathic drainage against Covid19.

I am writing this article because I have been receiving requests for help for several weeks for the various side effects caused by the inoculation of each of these experimental drugs. Very high fevers, uterine bleeding in people who have been menopausal for years, swollen lymph nodes, up to neurological problems etc. I had never seen, as a doctor, all these serious problems arising after the common vaccinations.

I am a doctor who has nothing against vaccination in general. Unfortunately, however, I must admit that the term vaccine used for these experimental drugs introduced and inoculated to virtually everyone, is really a misnomer.

Looking precisely at the meaning of the word vaccine according to Wikipedia: “A vaccine is a biological preparation produced for the purpose of providing active acquired immunity against a particular type of infection to the subjects to whom it is administered.”

Here, it is evident that using this term there is a risk of thinking that they are completely harmless substances, and that they leave us an immunity. This has now been proven untrue, by months of experience and laboratory diagnosis. There is the sudden lowering of memory antibodies within a few months. Hence, in fact, the need to do two doses and a probable third dose with hypothetical annual repetition.


It is for the word used “vaccine” that many of my pregnant and lactating patients are preparing to be injected with these substances of which we know nothing about either acute or long-term.

Many of my pediatric colleagues are screaming to tell the inconsistency and uselessness of addressing these drugs to young people and even less to babies and children. Their risk of getting Covid is close to zero, while the risks of myocarditis and long-term side effects are much higher. Some scientists point to the onset of future sterility in vaccinated children as a tangible possibility.

However, I do not want to enter into the merits and I absolutely leave the freedom to anyone to think as they want and, however, to take the relative responsibility. I can no longer hear: “they forced me, because I didn’t want to” or “it’s the fault of …”. Everyone has freely chosen to inoculate a substance or have decided not to.

The law does not oblige anyone. And the Government itself says so too, because before the inoculation the signature of an Informed Consent is required. Therefore the administration of these drugs is a free and responsible act.

You have to know that there are many lawyers who help people who do not want to undergo these experimental drugs, to keep their jobs and to make them live without legal problems. I repeat that there is no obligation.

Post vaccine homeopathic drainage

It consists in supporting the system in disposing of the introduced toxins. The problem is that you will not be able to remove them completely. In fact, from the studies done that you can read on Pub med, these toxins / spike proteins manage to enter the cell nucleus. Furthermore, from what is being said among free scientists, it is that in these “top secret” vials there is graphene oxide. And if this were really the case, many and many scenarios would open up for possible aggravation of the pathologies already present in the patient or the onset of new diseases.

Then I ask myself: why are these vials top secret? Why, if they are good elixirs that serve our good, cannot they be had and analyzed? Why can’t you check what’s inside? How I would like to be convinced of their goodness … I would like, as a doctor, only this. The serious and true demonstration that they are good for our children and loved ones.

Recommended therapies

Post vaccine homeopathic drainage
Post vaccine homeopathic drainage

My suggestion for all my patients is based on “bicarbonates and alkalizing substances” to lower the tissue and blood acidity induced by these substances as much as possible. Acidity is what can cause incorrect communication between cells and be a harbinger of side effects and long-term pathologies.

I also suggest a homeopathic Galium aparine that you can find in some homeopathic complexes or in a single remedy. It is an excellent drainage of the extracellular matrix, the space in which each of our cells floats and from which it receives nourishment, information, nerve impulses, etc.

In a nutshell, it is the NETWORK, the union and connection between the cells that in every second have to decide what to do, what to repair or if they want to live or die. A clean matrix will ensure a good balance of the system so as to leave the task to our body to react to insults and stay healthy.

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