Crystal Therapy in the medicine of St. Hildegard of Bingen

crystal therapy
crystal therapy

Crystal therapy and especially precious stones have healing and protective properties. They evoke and confirm the effectiveness and depth of action of this “timeless” medicine. Yes, crystal therapy comes to us from an ancient past, handed down from generation to generation, but I would say from civilization to civilization. And here we discover that a Benedictine nun from 1200 AD. he already applied all the principles. He shared and taught all possible therapies based precisely on the properties of crystals.

Doctor of the Church

This nun was declared a “Doctor of the Church” by Pope Benedict XVI. Mamma mia, what a magnificent thing: A woman declared a Doctor of the Church! Not a visionary, a madman or a shaman. A woman endowed with the precious gift of hearing God. She did not go into ecstasy, she was always lucid when she perceived and felt what the Father was dictating to her. On these issues, of course, I invite you to follow the “Study Course on Medicine of Saint Hildegard, her life and her teachings” by Doctor Sabrina Melino, my dear friend and great expert in Hildegardian medicine.

ildegarda di bongen
ildegarda di bingen

Returning to Crystal Therapy, St. Hildegard teaches us how precious stones can help us. Their frequencies arrive not only on a physical, material level but also, and above all, on a mental and spiritual level. In fact, even for Hildegard as well as for Hahnemann, we are made of body-mind-spirit. This is our UNIT. And to achieve healing we must involve all three of these levels in our therapies. The only therapies that can reach these three parts of us at the same time are all those that emanate frequencies. In Omeomundi, in its “Study Classes”, in articles or even in webinars, you will always find words such as frequencies, signals, vibrations. This is the true cellular exchange route. Cells communicate like this.

Crystal therapy: Resonance and frequencies therapy

Follow our Basic Courses in “Quantum Physics”, or “Signal Medicine”. Everything will be explained to you in a clear and direct way, and above all, in an extremely simple and understandable way.

Crystals are part of the frequency therapies, together with homeopathy, Bach flowers and Schussler salts. For the rest, these three levels of ours are unattainable for the other remedies / drugs / therapies.

These therapies are able to reach all our cells. They therefore manage to have a protective, strengthening and regenerating function. Cristals bring healing to the inside of our body. They improve our health by also accompanying us on a path of awareness.

Crystal Therapy. The words of Saint Hildegard of Bingen

In the exact words of Saint Hildegard of Bingen: “our soul has cosmic and divine powers” and the precious stone activates, with its energy, precisely these forces … She continues to teach us that:

“Each stone has fire and humidity in it. The devil detests precious stones and despises them, because they remind him that their splendor was manifested before he fell from the place of honor conferred on him by God and, moreover, because certain stones spring from fire, the element in which he himself is serving his sentence.

… This is how precious stones are generated by water and fire and for this reason they contain both fire and humidity. They have many strengths and effects.

Many things can be done through them, but only good and honest deeds that benefit man and have nothing to do with seduction, fornication, adultery, enmity, murder and other similar practices that lead to vices and are contrary to man. The intrinsic nature of those precious stones in fact leads them to produce good and useful effects and to avoid what is bad and harmful to man, how virtues avoid vices and how vices cannot collaborate with virtues. “

Saint Hildegard continues saying:

“… There are other stones that do not grow in the way mentioned, in the bowels of these mountains but are born as a result of other insignificant processes. According to their nature they can do good or evil, according to God’s will.

God had adorned the first angel with precious stones. Lucifer himself saw the image of God in their reflection and received knowledge of it. He learned, that through the precious stones, God intended to do wonderful things. Then his spirit swelled with pride, as the brilliance of the stones that was above him shone in God, and he thought he could equal God in power and even surpass Him.

For this reason its splendor was extinguished and the ornament of the stones was lost, as even Adam [after the fall] was struck in its splendor. However, as God renewed everything in Adam for a better way, he did not allow all the splendor and vigor of the precious stones to be lost. He wanted the precious stones to remain on earth in His honor, as a blessing and to be destined for medicine. “

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