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The reaserch, researcher, to research.

I want to put some words to you: the Research, Researcher and to research. Words that have always accompanied me, throughout my course of study in Medicine. But does research mean only scientific research? Until recently, the word Research related only this type of meaning: scientific research…. only property of doctors and scientists?

Without research there is no future …

search s. f. [Der. to search2]. – 1. a. Activity aimed at searching, that is, at finding, discovering someone or something: doing, starting, continuing, leading, concluding, abandoning a r .; continue in the r .; escape, escape from every r .;

researched s. m. [Der. to search2]. – 1. (f. –Trice) Whoever seeks, who carries out research, of research: science must always be an objective seeker of truth.

As you can see, we can all be Researchers! Always seek the truth. This is why I am writing this article. To share a great truth with you: we are all thinking beings with great research skills … just wanting to.

History always teaches us

My mother always said it. So, let’s take a step back. To look ahead we must always start from history.

In ancient Greece there was a man who had epithets such as “The crazy Socrates”, “The crazy philosopher … he was even compared to a dog” … who am I talking about? Of Diogenes of Sinope! The philosopher who, with the lantern in his hand, was looking for man! Here are some extracts:

“I am looking for man … Not so much an honest or pure man, as we would understand today, but the man who lived according to his true nature not repressed by social conventions, by exteriorities, by rules and not a slave to luck and capricious fate”.

Always Diogenes who lived in a barrel, naked, eating and drinking always and only with his hands, without using the “superfluous things” as he said … these words that refer us to other characters in the history.

How can we not think of the vision of life, albeit with due distinction, proposed by SIDDARTHA GAUTAMA called BUDDHA (566-486 BC) in India, or that proposed by SOCRATES (470-399 BC) in Athens, to that proposed by SENECA ( 4 BC – 65 AD) in Rome or to that proposed by FRANCESCO D’ASSISI (1181-1226) also in Italy. St. Francesco d’Assisi and his invitation to the dignity of freedom, to the essentiality of daily life and to truly be yourself. They are words, concepts that resonate so well today, in this period that we are living. Many people call it “the quantum leap”, but in any case we all agree to define it as the time of global approval, of unbridled consumerism and digital sovereignty.


Another word: Habit.

Slowly get used to unpleasant realities. To situations that if they were suddenly imposed, they would be experienced as a great madness. But that if you propose little by little, during days, months and years, it would lead us to say: “Ok. It can be done, why not?”

Like the great kings of the past who, for fear of being poisoned, took a small, infinitesimal dose of poison every day … so they managed to dine with Arsenic without dying!

Why am I writing this article? Science, research. But how nice to go on the adventure of seeking the truth. In this case, as a homeopathic doctor, I try to make people understand how true and concrete homeopathy is. How alive, vital and precious it is in my everyday medical practice … but it is always a search for the right medicine for my patient.

In elementary school, my teacher Carla asked me do the “research paper”, an essay. Well! I was looking for pictures, pages on various books, asking for opinions from my parents and grandparents. Then I collected ideas and wrote. Here is the research!

Never stop searching

Paradoxically, the most important thing is not the truth reached, but it is the effort of research, the path we take to seek.

Research can go through books, people, told stories, paintings, images, music, films, dreams. Anything is fine. The important thing is not to stop searching.

This will lead you to understand if what you are hearing is right or wrong. Make your own thoughts. But be careful!!!! That this thought is not rigid, closed … you would behave like the Others.

A thought, a truth, must always be ready to change, to modify itself. Homeopathy has evolved over these two hundred years. And it continues to change because it is the natural consequence of life: change! Even more, Homeopathy, as you will read, is also based on the properties of water. And what’s better than the image of the water that changes shape depending on the container that contains it? Which drags molecules, like the water of a river, drags sand, stones, branches, leaves. Drag without judgment, always welcoming but keeping Water!

Research, Observation, Sharing … don’t stop!

Immune defenses and inflammation

immune defenses and inflammation
immune defenses and inflammation

It has always been important to speak of “Immune defenses and inflammation”. They are two concepts that inevitably bind. We must increase and safeguard the former and try to lower and govern the latter.

 By now, however, our whole life is made to raise inflammation and destroy our immune system. What are we doing? How can we repair it?

Immune defenses and inflammation: how to regain balance.

Certainly, important are a healthy lifestyle based on good food, outdoor sports, oxygen and moments of relaxation. The latter are extremely precious because they allow us to take back our space and our time. So, for example, why not try meditation?

 Let’s teach this to our children! No more colored or carbonated drinks. No to snacks because we are in too much of a hurry to make a tart or a donut for our children. Boh, at the gym and electronic games … for heaven’s sake, I’m not against sports in the gym but if possible, let’s alternate them with something to do outside, outdoors, in the sun!!!

We learn to eat properly. And, in this regard, I suggest reading the articles written by Dr. Patrizia Belilli on “Nutrition and inflammation”.

And then, let’s help with supplements that bring the right amount of essential nutrients and that can work to keep our body functioning properly. Let’s talk about folic acid, probiotics, omega 3, vitamin C and vitamin D.

It is important to check our blood doses of Vitamin D (you can see them in the photo above), folic acid / folate (3 – 15 ng / ml) and Homocysteinemia (5-12 micro-moles per liter).

What is homocysteinemia? It is a detector of the thrombophilic state in a given moment of a certain person. This value is telling us that it may or is already starting, a thrombotic process somewhere in our engine. Having high levels of homocysteinemia indicates a coagulation risk condition. In these cases, every doctor will prescribe folic acid in the dosage he deems appropriate.

So, as you can see, we already have various tools to understand if our body works well or needs help. Just do simple blood tests.

And the intestine? What role does it play in all this?

Another indicator of health is the intestine! Yes, our dear intestine to which our old doctors paid so much attention … A lot of time and questions on the modalities and characteristics of the daily evacuations of their patients. Medical Semeiotics … but is it still taught in our universities?

Any questions about it?

I wonder why it should be the basis of every medical examination, whatever the colleague’s specialization. And yet, how many doctors ask you how you go to the bathroom, how many times, the consistency of stools etc.? This is valuable information. Many times, my patients are amazed by these questions. And they are even more surprised when they discover that going to the bathroom two or three times a day is not normal. Regularity is synonymous with good functioning of the intestinal system. The intestine is responsible for the absorption of essential nutrients for our life and the disposal of toxic substances … does it seem little to you???

accurate illustration of inflamed intestinal villi

We have to go improve intestinal work. It is imperative!

 We will therefore use lactic ferments, probiotics that dampen intestinal inflammation by repopulating good “germs”, friendly “germs”, our intestines. They will be able to repair the mucous membranes and intestinal membranes. Over time, they will be able to recover a situation of well-being. They will replenish our immune defenses and prevent the occurrence of other inflammations in any part of our body.

 Here, we propose the video of Dr. Marina Salvi on the bases of prevention against Coronavirus. Bases which, however, can be extended to any other inflammatory situation…. let’s think together!

Nutrition and inflammation: second part.

Nutrition and inflammation. Let’s pick up where we left off. Doctor Patrizia Belilli was talking to us about: “Nutrition and inflammation“. Let’s go into detail by saying that the clinical signs of inflammation are: heat, redness, pain, swelling and functional deficit of the affected part.

Acute inflammation has an abrupt onset and rapid resolution while chronic inflammation has a longer duration due to the clear prevalence of tissue phenomena.

The right natural integration can help a lot to improve all inflammatory pathologies, in any body district.

Scientific studies    

Some scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of particular plant extracts. These are characterized by specific properties and contribute to the reduction or resolution of inflammation.

Plant extracts. Let’s make some examples   

– Holy Basil and Officinal Sage. These are useful in both acute and chronic inflammation, inflammation of the osteoarticular system by limiting the degradation of hyaluronic acid and protecting the tissue thanks to an antioxidant action [1] [2] [3]

–  Curcuma longa. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, useful in acute and chronic inflammation. Turmeric is also good for the osteoarticular system thanks to the ability to inhibit the enzymes responsible for the degradation of the connective joint tissue. [4]

–  Boswellia serrata. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and protective properties on the joint structure. The daily and constant intake has led to a reduction in pain and an improvement in the mobility of the limbs in people suffering from osteoarthritis [5] [6] [7].

Today’s food style includes foods of animal origin, refined foods, sugars and preserved foods. These are the main cause of the accumulation of toxic substances in our body and of the various types of inflammation affecting the systems, organs and mucous membranes.

Which food to choose? What to eat?   

We must learn to feed ourselves consciously, to live in a condition of well-being and balance.

Today, food is not experienced as a tool capable of feeding us as a source of substances with a high nutritional and energy value. No, absolutely not! In fact, for all of us, it is a means to help us overcome moments of fatigue, stress or to try to solve emotional needs and frustrations. We feed ourselves using pre-packaged foods that are immediately available. Alas, the integrity and preservation of many of these “fast” foods are guaranteed by substances that are not always healthy for our body.

The data highlighting the relationship between diet and inflammatory situations are increasingly frequent, both of an occasional nature (situational pain such as sprains, stiff neck, contracture, headache), and, above all, of a recurrent and chronic evolutionary nature (neck pain, fibro-myalgia, rheumatism, arthrosis, tennis elbow). In fact, some foods play a “pro-inflammatory” role. In fact, they contribute not only to triggering but also to worsen the painful-inflammatory symptoms.

What are the foods not recommended for inflammation     

Nutrition and inflammation. Here are the foods not recommended in case of acute and above all chronic inflammatory diseases: milk and derivatives, meats, sugars, refined carbohydrates, gluten.

From this list we exclude fish which, due to its richness of polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 series, carries out anti-inflammatory activities.

Milk and derivatives     

Milk and all its derivatives (cheese, yogurt, cream, butter, bechamel and all the foods that contain them) are among the main causes of many inflammatory, chronic and acute situations. This is because they contain a high concentration of saturated fats, arachidonic acid (inflammation starter) and caseins (proteins). 80% of cow’s milk is made up of a protein called casein.



This substance, casein, is difficult to digest because, in contact with gastric juices, it “curdles”. This means that a compact and mucilaginous mass is formed which glues and lines the intestinal walls. Thus, the intestinal walls become inflamed and injured, allowing and facilitating the passage of harmful substances.

Just another thing to say, casein is used in the industrial sector to produce glue (labels, gluing cartons) or as a thickener in prepackaged foods.

What the use of milk and dairy products can entail: Chronic poisoning and immune weakness   

Certainly, chronic poisoning. The undigested components are toxic to the body. In fact, the injured and inflamed intestine allows their passage. This determines the activation of the immune system which, recognizing undigested caseins as foreign substances, activates a defensive inflammatory response, with the release of inflammatory mediators. All this determines a systemic intoxication and worsens the existing inflammatory state.

We can have immune weakness. This is because there is a continuous state of alert by the immune system and this determines an inefficient response capacity against any microbial attacks, increasing the risk of disease and recurrence.

The milk  


Calcium is contained in milk. Unfortunately, however, milk proteins limit the absorption of calcium, even favoring the elimination of the latter from the bones and causing the demineralization of the skeleton.

Furthermore, the calcium contained in dairy products is not bioavailable, due to an imbalance of minerals necessary for its absorption.

The high amounts of calcium introduced with dairy products end up in the soft tissues because they are not incorporated into the skeletal level. Some of the best-known consequences are: the formation of crystals in the joints, the kidney stones and the gallbladder, calcifications of the tissues, with consequent pain and inflammation.

To support the level of calcium in the body, we can use foods such as: oranges, broccoli, celery, legumes, soy and derivatives, green leaf salad, almonds, sesame, clams, pine nuts.

However, milk is a source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that also serves as a precursor to serotonin. Remember that Serotonin is a very important neurotransmitter because it is “responsible” for our happiness!

What are the benefits of tryptophan? Sleep aid, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, seasonal affective disorder, depression, potentiates antidepressant medications.

These are just some of the reasons why we hardly give up milk!

In the next article we will talk about meat, sugars, refined carbohydrates, gluten and much more. Always accompanied by the experience of Dr. Patrizia Belilli.

Thanks Patrizia !!

Appeal to common sense – Masks and Covid-19

mascherine e covid-19
Masks and covid-19

Masks and Covid-19. Let’s start from oxygen!

Oxygen is the element that makes us live. A slight reduction in the supply of oxygen to the brain is enough to compromise alertness and behavioral response.

Mild hypoxia

In this regard, I want to talk about a study conducted by the Institute of Molecular Bioimaging and Physiology of the National Research Council (IBFM-CNR) in collaboration with the University of Milan Bicocca. The research was presented at the World Congress of Neurosciences organized in Washington (USA) by the Society for Neuroscience (SfN).

hypoxia or the lack of oxygen – explains Alberto Zani of the IBFM-CNR of Segrate – characterizes various clinical disorders, such as asthma or brain injuries, but it can also concern healthy individuals who stay at high altitudes: while we know that hypoxia, especially if serious, it may have effects on memory or calculation capacity, the study on supervisory systems was previously unpublished. “

“The differences detected experimentally – adds Alice Mado Proverbio della Bicocca – indicate how even a slight hypoxia acts on the cerebral system of regulation of the alert state, compromising the speed of response to stimuli: thanks to a particular magnetic resonance technique it was also possible highlight the activation of the medial anterior cingulate cortex and of the para-hippocampal gyrus of the left hemisphere, which suggest a state of exertion or suffering induced by hypoxia. “

“What about data?? The data that emerged – Zani concludes – have important implications for people who work in extreme environments, for the study of the nervous processes involved in states of consciousness and in patients with brain suffering: the effects of stress from prolonged exposure are also relevant to a pressurized environment, such as that of airplanes, or to air conditioning at sea level, where there is no exchange of natural air “.

Publication date 12/05/2014

CNR source

Masks and Covid-19

Today we find ourselves breathing through sanitary tools: the masks!

Masks that must be used to avoid Covid-19 infection.

We know that we can have various types of masks. There are the surgical ones, the ffp1, the ffp2, the ffp3, increasingly strong and impenetrable barriers from the coronavirus. Already! Thank god!! They save our lives!! But…. there is always a “but”!

There is always an opposite effect but with the same force of action: hypoxia. Clearly mild, but such as to cause all the symptoms that our patients are accusing in these two months: a great tiredness, exhaustion not adequate for the physical activity that is being practiced.

Confusion: patients tell me they are “like in a big bubble”, dulling. Memory labile. We make unusual gestures such as putting a lasagna to cook in the fridge and not in the oven. Many dizziness, palpitations, a feeling of heart in the throat. Certainly, there is hypoxia and also, an activation of various inflammation mechanisms.

To all my patients I suggest a correct diet and above all to stay as much as possible on the balcony and to take at least two walks a day without a mask!!! When out in the open air, walk without a mask! In closed environments such as lifts, shops or medical offices, is it necessary to bring the mask, but in the open air? Follow the video below.

 I will explain what is going on … what this mild hypoxia can do to us.

Video of Dr. Marina Salvi on the proper use of the masks.

Nutrition and inflammation: first part

Nutrition and inflammation. It is a really serious topic and full of interesting things to explain. We need to understand how important nutrition is, for a long and healthy life! For this, we will need more articles to be able to say everything that seems really fundamental to us to share.

These are articles written by Doctor Patrizia Belilli, collaborator of Omeomundi.

Nutrition and inflammation. Let’s begin!

Health is a path of awareness. It is much more than the absence of disease. It is the tendency to a situation of well-being that is obtained by reaching a state of balance between the mind and the body, through a path of knowledge. 

Being aware means understanding how to achieve and maintain our balance in our body.

We need to understand what the elements and causes of disturbance of harmony in our body are. Why are a series of processes triggered that lead to the onset of pathologies, including inflammatory ones? Now, we will suggest a series of measures that aim at a correct lifestyle.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation represents the body’s response to any condition perceived as potentially harmful to the body. It aims to identify the cause of the problem, use defense tools, induce tissue repair and restore its balance.

It consists of four phases:

1-     a system that activates it (internal or external harmful agent)

2-     A danger perception mechanism (harmful agent receptors)

3-     A transmission of the warning sign

4-     A defense mechanism thanks to mediators and effector cells

The inflammatory process involves several chemical mediators (substances that are released following a certain stimulus). Those of plasma origin (complement system, quinine, coagulation factors) and those produced directly by cells (histamine, prostaglandins, ROS, cytokines, etc.).

We distinguish two types of inflammation:

Acute inflammation   

Acute inflammation has an “unspecific” response. Here, the mediators involved do not change, regardless of the harmful agent that gave rise to it. It is characterized by local vasodilation, leukocyte extra-vascular (a process by which white blood cells migrate, crossing the walls of blood vessels, in response to inflammatory chemical signals to perform their function in the tissue) and release of various plasma proteins. Example: bruises, sprains, tendon inflammations, dental trauma, tears, localized tensions.

Chronic inflammation   

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, tends to have its own specific response based on the damaging agent that is the cause.

Example: arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatic diseases, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.

Frequency of chronic inflammatory diseases in Italy.

Inflammation represents an essential adaptation response. It aims to stop the invasion of the pathogen and repair the tissue damage induced by the damaging agent.

The regulation mechanisms are fundamental. In fact, they manage to confine the inflammatory response in a localized compartment and allow or facilitate the transition from the inflammatory state to the repair of the tissue (homeostasis).

In some cases, this mechanism does not take place adequately. Therefore, a persistent state of cellular stress is established accompanied by an excessive amplification of the inflammatory response. This leads to the establishment of a chronic inflammatory state. The presence of chronic inflammation can indicate a not really efficient immune system.

So, we mean by inflammation, the set of changes that occur in a district of the body affected by damage (e.g. trauma, heat, bacteria, viruses, etc.). This damage will have an intensity that does not affect the viability of all the cells in that district. In fact, the response to the insult will be given by the cells that survived the attack by the injurious agent. Inflammation is a predominantly local reaction.

This, in short, is the explanation of what inflammation is, wherever it occurs.

Well! Now let’s understand how to defend ourselves by eating properly, putting the right foods in our daily diet.

Then continue to follow Doctor Patrizia Belilli in the next article: “Nutrition and inflammation: second part”.

Enjoy the reading!!!

Coronavirus and prevention

Coronavirus and prevention: it is imperative today and vital for our future.

In these days of “ordinary madness”, I have received many videos, messages, poems, stories.

But the image that most impressed me is the one you see below.

……………………………. Germ theory – Vaccinate fish ……………………………………………….. Soil theory – Cleaning the tank

Pure and simple truth

Coronavirus and prevention

Even the most complex and distorted mind can understand such an easy, intelligent, intuitive thing … simply the truth!

Let’s take a step back. Have you ever heard of Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard?

Let’s remember and resume the story        

Louis Pasteur was responsible for the first vaccine, applied science in order to defeat germs. He thought that all diseases were caused by microbes. And that’s how he spent all his research as a chemist (he wasn’t a doctor) to try to find the solution, the right vaccine to annihilate the enemy germ. In the same years when Pasteur worked as a chemist, there was a French physician and physiologist who instead went in the opposite direction: Dr. Claude Bernard.

Claude Bernard introduced the scientific method as an “observation-hypothesis-experimentation sequence”. That is, if from my observation I deduce a hypothesis, this MUST be confirmed or refuted by experimentation. As a physiologist, Bernard put “how do cells live?”, “How does a phenomenon happen?” At the center of his medical research. and NOT “because a cell lives or because a phenomenon occurs”. It is a substantial difference. Attention is drawn to the mechanisms and metabolisms which, if carried out correctly, lead to patient health.

Dr. Bernard then introduces what is fundamental for us doctors: “le milieu intérieur”, that is, the internal medium, the soil in which our cells live, a concept to which the importance that we finally give today to the matrix is ​​linked extracellular.

The extracellular matrix           

Already the extracellular matrix! A concept that in my Medical Pathology textbook corresponded to a short article of at most 10 lines in a 1500 page tome (years 1992-1993) and that today, however, rightly, receives the correct attention. There are conferences, seminars, books on the extracellular matrix.

What is it? It is a space in which our cells float and which allows the exchange of information between one cell and another. If we keep this space free and clean, the cell will NOT be able to get sick, except for physiological reasons of time and age. Cleaned from what? Slag, toxins, heavy metals, oxidants, drugs, junk foods … all molecules that cause acidosis … even a child knows what it means acid. It means corrosive, potentially bad, not available for communication. It is also said in common jargon. When we say that a person is “acid”, we are referring to someone who does not want an exchange, does not appreciate sharing a social relationship, a presumptuous person who in some cases dictates rules without asking for advice from others.

Acid environments favor inflammation, the onset of autoimmune diseases and cancer. Yes exactly. The cancer cell loves, loves acidity. And I stop here (at the moment).

So, taking up the lines of the speech and going back to our Pasteur and Bernard, I want to tell you that at the end of his life, Louis Pasteur admitted his mistakes, writing a letter to Bernard: “you were right, the soil is everything and the microbes are not nothing”.

Even Rudolph Virchow, a German pathologist and founder of cellular medicine, said: “If I could go back I would devote my life to proving that germs seek their natural environment, the ‘sick’ tissue, instead of being themselves the cause of that fabric 

Prevention and treatment of venous thromboembolism related to coronavirus Covid-19.

Coronavirus Covid 19. Very interesting article which highlights the cause of the mortality of Coronavirus infection: venous thromboembolism.

It is an article published by a team of doctors from the University of Lanzhou, China.

Coronavirus Covid 19. Article extrapolated from Pubmed

Thromb Haemost. 2020 Apr 21. doi: 10.1055/s-0040-1710019. [Epub ahead of print]

Prevention and Treatment of Venous Thromboembolism Associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019 Infection: A Consensus Statement before Guidelines.

(Zhai Z#1,2,3Li C#4Chen Y#5Gerotziafas G6Zhang Z7Wan J1,2,3Liu P8Elalamy I6,9Wang C1,2,3,10Prevention Treatment of VTE Associated with COVID-19 Infection Consensus Statement Group, Pulmonary Embolism Pulmonary Vascular Diseases Group of the Chinese Thoracic Society, Pulmonary Embolism Pulmonary Vascular Disease Working Committee of Chinese Association of Chest Physicians, National Cooperation Group on Prevention Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism Pulmonary Vascular Disease, National Program Office for Prevention Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism Deep Vein Thrombosis, China Grade Center, Evidence-based Medicine Center of School of Basic Medical Sciences of Lanzhou University).

Coronavirus Covid 19. Author information


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused a global pandemic in just a few months, causing millions infected. Nearly 20% of COVID-19 patients present severe coagulation abnormalities, which may occur in almost all of the severe and critical ill COVID-19 cases. 

Concomitant venous thromboembolism (VTE), a potential cause of unexplained deaths, has been frequently reported in COVID-19 cases, but its management is still challenging due to the complexity between antithrombotic therapy and coagulation disorders. Based on frontline practical experience and comprehensive literature review, here a panel of experts and physicians from China and Europe developed an evidence and opinion-based consensus on the prophylaxis and management of VTE associated with COVID-19. 

This statement aims for clinicians treating COVID-19 and provides practical recommendations in detailed situations, for example, how to choose thromboprophylactic measures for patients with diverse severity of disease and bleeding risk, or which kind of anticoagulant should be prescribed. With limited experience on COVID19-associated VTE, this expert consensus statement should be helpful for clinicians worldwide with specific suggestions.

Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.PMID: 32316065  DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1710019

So from what we understand it is that this pathology triggers a great inflammation of the endothelial tissue of the vessels. Inflammation is the first phase, followed by the second phase of hypercoagulability with thrombi formation.

We will therefore try to suggest, in the next articles, which foods, supplements, phytotherapy and homeopathic remedies we can use to lower our basic inflammatory level.

Endometriosis. A psychological-archetypal reading

Endometriosis is, now, a widespread disease. In the European Union 14 million women suffer from it, or 10% of the European female population (data from 2019). 20% of them are of childbearing age.

 40% of affected women have difficulty reproducing. Pelvic pain is predominant.

(Source: XIV / Senate of the Republic XIV Legislature 12th Permanent Commission (Hygiene and Healthcare) Session No. 308 Cognitive Survey on the Phenomenon of Endometriosis 295 as Social Illness. 9th Shorthand Report, 2006. – Nnoham et Al. Fertil & Steril, 2011).

stylized female reproductive system

From a physiological point of view, it is the internal mucosa of the uterus (Endometrium), which is placed in different locations than its normal location (the uterine cavity). It is a tissue that we call ectopic, that is, out of the uterus cavity and which is however subject to the same hormonal changes of the endometrium. Conclusion: even this ectopic tissue menstruates. The substantial difference is that normal tissue inside the uterus menstruates and normally comes out with menstruation. Instead, the menstrual blood of the ectopic tissue is collected in areas out of  the uterus such as, for example, the ovaries, where endometriotic ovarian cysts are therefore formed. These cysts are called in the gynecological area “chocolate cyst”. In fact, when the surgeon incises the cyst, a dark brown fluid comes out due to the blood that has collected over time and which has oxidized assuming the classic chocolate color.

The mini collections of blood and the adhesions that are formed between nearby organs, will be the cause of even severe pelvic pain and pain during sexual intercourse.

Conventional medicine has no answers about why this mucous membrane is placed in the wrong parts.

Reading through “archetypal” psychology.

Symbolically, it is a part of the unconscious femininity that is in a wrong and therefore dangerous place! Here the woman “moves” part of femininity (mucous membrane that is positioned outside), consequently damaging herself. This disease shows us how female activity forces the opposite pole, then the male (Animus) to enter the wrong place, which is where the mucous membrane is positioned.

Endometriosis: altered relationship between the female and male part of the woman.

One of the possible therapies is the surgical removal of the endometriotic ovarian cyst. Surgery expresses a symbolically and archetypically male activity.

If we think about it, it is an “out of place” femininity, in the sense that endometriosis forces surgery to remove the “female tissue”, to make the woman’s life more bearable! Any pain during intercourse shows that there is pain in the relationship with man. But this also means not fully accepting the role of femininity. So, when a man ‘enters’ her, she feels ‘pain’.

 Thus, thanks to endometriosis, the woman can prevent the relationship with the man and sometimes the possibility of procreation. All this is unconscious! There is no awareness! It would perhaps be healthier to keep the man consciously away from herself rather than getting sick.

 Femininity, fertility and motherhood in endometriosis

Endometriosis is often associated with dysmenorrhea and this shows how “painful” it is for women to accept the sacrificial cycle and renewal of their potential motherhood.

Infertility, which is often concomitant, demonstrates the extent to which there is a blockage, albeit unconscious towards motherhood. It is as if there was an unconscious intolerance towards men (i.e. expressed through body language), but also towards children.

 This is a rejection of what is an archetypal task for women. By this, I absolutely do not mean that a woman should feel compelled to have relationships with men or to have children. Rather, she should consciously recognize her being and her deep emotions. This will take on the psychological responsibilities of this refusal. If only to spare the discomfort that the disease entails.

Endometriosis probably reveals the difficulty of making decisions independently, the difficulty of making responsible choices. It could reveal low self-esteem and this could justify the fear of freedom … that freedom that would allow her to make choices freely. The only male who can legitimately enter her is the surgeon. And this is precisely what betrays her deepest need for reconciliation with the male world. From a psychodynamic point of view, endometriosis would fall within the former diagnosis of Hysteria, where this is interpreted as ‘unlived femininity’, as well as an unrecognized vulnerability.

Often, women with this disease are women with male characteristics, for example, they are very active in their job. They have difficulty accepting the female side and rather prefer male actions and tools. In this regard, “male words and techniques” are used to make diagnostic tests and interventions such as: biopsy, endoscopy, ultrasound, laparoscopic and traditional surgery…. All energetically and archetypically male activities and forms!

Moon. Archetype
Moon. Archetype

Archetype of the Moon

In conclusion, the woman who suffers from endometriosis should reconcile with her femininity and look for ways to better develop it. At the same time let man make man! The archetype to be integrated could be the Moon, a symbol of female reflexivity. Just as the moon allows itself to be illuminated by the sun and ‘reflecting’ its light. So, the woman could make the man illuminate her femininity!

Dr. Marco Franceschini

Homeopathy. Understanding it’s like drinking a glass of water

Why is it so difficult to understand homeopathy? Understand how Homeopathy works and what is its mechanism?

Alas, we come from a scientific culture that tries to chop our body by always going towards the smallest part of it, to understand what is inside and how every single particle is made. By doing this, one obviously arrives at the discovery of the presence of substances, molecules, in one word to Chemistry. It is concluded that the body is made up of chemicals that react with each other through biochemical processes. After years and years spent on books studying covalent bonds, matter made of molecules, atoms etc. each of us doctors are very certain that there cannot be anything other than the biochemical reaction.

Well, what we have studied, unfortunately, is nothing more than a small percentage of how our body really is made. With this Omeocorso, we introduce the new and finally, true conception of the “Electromagnetic Man”.

Are you curious? Did I turn on any light bulbs in your brain?

We will get there slowly. The journey we will make thanks to our Engineer Roberta Sidera, will be exciting, very interesting and extremely easy. Simple concepts that will surely be understood by anyone. No degrees or masters are needed to follow the lessons of Dr. Sidera. Her way of speaking really manages to get into all our brains … even the most closed, or “Jurassic” like mine!

Homeopathy and Quantum physics. Easy and understandable for everyone.

We will deal with Quantum Physics because it is precisely here that we will find the explanations we seek. How are we made? How do our cells communicate? and finally …. how does homeopathy work? Who is a homeopath?

The first video we want to share with you, starts with the most important thing in our life: water! …. Good vision!

Schüssler salt: Calcium Fluoratum

The most important word to recognize the pathology or the situation in which we can use Calcium Fluoratum Schüssler salt is: elasticity.

All that represents a loss of elasticity respects the condition in which this Schüssler salt can be assumed.

We think about pathologies such as osteoarthritis in adults and in our grandparents, or osteoarthritis of the knees in athletes. I think of my dear tennis teacher to whom I am giving Calcium Fluoratum among the various homeopathic remedies, in order to always have the pleasure of playing with him!

Calcium Fluoratum is a Schüssler salt that is used a lot throughout the growth phase of our children. Over the years, their spine has to stretch and grow properly. Alas the school desks and too many hours spent on the computer can alter and hump their back.

Let’s help them with Schüssler Salt Calcium Fluoratum.

Schussler salt. Calcium fluoratum
Scoliosis in growing boys. Schussler salt

All Schüssler salts can be used very easily and safely to treat both ourselves, our children, our family but also our animal friends.

Schussler salt in veterinary

For example, think about hip dysplasia in dogs that is very common, but also all arthritic forms that can arise in any animal breed.

Doctor Schüssler was a doctor who lived in the same period as Doctor Hahnemann. He was a scholar of homeopathy and wanted to create a homeopathy that was easier, much easier and that was understandable to everyone. That’s why Dr. Schüssler’s Biochemical Therapy is considered a “simple homeopathic therapy”.

Below you will see a video that is part of “Schüssler’s Salt OmeoCourse”. You can immediately understand what the method and its application is … fast and intuitive.

I wanted to share this salt No. 1, Calcium Fluoratum with you, because it is the salt that helps us to restore elasticity to all those tissues that have lost it, which have become rigid … and what about the period we are living in? It is marked by rules, protocols, decrees, social distances, rigidity of behavior. Nothing is more spontaneous, not even a handshake … there is no longer that elasticity even of thought that, up to that time, had kept us free men!