The reaserch, researcher, to research.

ricerca ricercare ricercatore
ricerca ricercare ricercatore

I want to put some words to you: the Research, Researcher and to research. Words that have always accompanied me, throughout my course of study in Medicine. But does research mean only scientific research? Until recently, the word Research related only this type of meaning: scientific research…. only property of doctors and scientists?

Without research there is no future …

search s. f. [Der. to search2]. – 1. a. Activity aimed at searching, that is, at finding, discovering someone or something: doing, starting, continuing, leading, concluding, abandoning a r .; continue in the r .; escape, escape from every r .;

researched s. m. [Der. to search2]. – 1. (f. –Trice) Whoever seeks, who carries out research, of research: science must always be an objective seeker of truth.

As you can see, we can all be Researchers! Always seek the truth. This is why I am writing this article. To share a great truth with you: we are all thinking beings with great research skills … just wanting to.

History always teaches us

My mother always said it. So, let’s take a step back. To look ahead we must always start from history.

In ancient Greece there was a man who had epithets such as “The crazy Socrates”, “The crazy philosopher … he was even compared to a dog” … who am I talking about? Of Diogenes of Sinope! The philosopher who, with the lantern in his hand, was looking for man! Here are some extracts:

“I am looking for man … Not so much an honest or pure man, as we would understand today, but the man who lived according to his true nature not repressed by social conventions, by exteriorities, by rules and not a slave to luck and capricious fate”.

Always Diogenes who lived in a barrel, naked, eating and drinking always and only with his hands, without using the “superfluous things” as he said … these words that refer us to other characters in the history.

How can we not think of the vision of life, albeit with due distinction, proposed by SIDDARTHA GAUTAMA called BUDDHA (566-486 BC) in India, or that proposed by SOCRATES (470-399 BC) in Athens, to that proposed by SENECA ( 4 BC – 65 AD) in Rome or to that proposed by FRANCESCO D’ASSISI (1181-1226) also in Italy. St. Francesco d’Assisi and his invitation to the dignity of freedom, to the essentiality of daily life and to truly be yourself. They are words, concepts that resonate so well today, in this period that we are living. Many people call it “the quantum leap”, but in any case we all agree to define it as the time of global approval, of unbridled consumerism and digital sovereignty.


Another word: Habit.

Slowly get used to unpleasant realities. To situations that if they were suddenly imposed, they would be experienced as a great madness. But that if you propose little by little, during days, months and years, it would lead us to say: “Ok. It can be done, why not?”

Like the great kings of the past who, for fear of being poisoned, took a small, infinitesimal dose of poison every day … so they managed to dine with Arsenic without dying!

Why am I writing this article? Science, research. But how nice to go on the adventure of seeking the truth. In this case, as a homeopathic doctor, I try to make people understand how true and concrete homeopathy is. How alive, vital and precious it is in my everyday medical practice … but it is always a search for the right medicine for my patient.

In elementary school, my teacher Carla asked me do the “research paper”, an essay. Well! I was looking for pictures, pages on various books, asking for opinions from my parents and grandparents. Then I collected ideas and wrote. Here is the research!

Never stop searching

Paradoxically, the most important thing is not the truth reached, but it is the effort of research, the path we take to seek.

Research can go through books, people, told stories, paintings, images, music, films, dreams. Anything is fine. The important thing is not to stop searching.

This will lead you to understand if what you are hearing is right or wrong. Make your own thoughts. But be careful!!!! That this thought is not rigid, closed … you would behave like the Others.

A thought, a truth, must always be ready to change, to modify itself. Homeopathy has evolved over these two hundred years. And it continues to change because it is the natural consequence of life: change! Even more, Homeopathy, as you will read, is also based on the properties of water. And what’s better than the image of the water that changes shape depending on the container that contains it? Which drags molecules, like the water of a river, drags sand, stones, branches, leaves. Drag without judgment, always welcoming but keeping Water!

Research, Observation, Sharing … don’t stop!


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