Homeopathy and Covid 19

homeopathy and covid 19
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Homeopathy and Covid 19

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Homeopathy and Covid 19

Z Gesundh Wiss. 2020 Jun 5 : 1–4. doi: 10.1007/s10389-020-01305-z [Epub ahead of print]PMCID: PMC7272237PMID: 32837839

Homeopathy combat against coronavirus disease (Covid-19)

D. Kalliantas,1,2M. Kallianta,3 and  Ch. S. Karagianni1Author informationArticle notesCopyright and License informationDisclaimerGo to:


On the 29th of December 2019 a number of cases with unknown origin pneumonia were admitted to the hospital of Wuhan, in China. This was caused by a novel betacoronavirus, named as coronavirus (2019-nCoV) (Shajeea et al. 2020; Huang et al. 2020). It is an acute infectious disease mainly impacting the respiratory system, which has been found for the first time in human beings (WHO 2020).

Symptoms of Covid-19 are similar to other viral upper respiratory illnesses. Three major severity level phases characterize the coronavirus disease: a mild phase with upper respiratory symptoms, non-severe pneumonia, and severe pneumonia complicated by acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). The main systemic and respiratory symptoms caused by Covid-19 infection are dependent on the age of the patient and the status of the patient’s immune system (Wang et al. 2020abc). The main systemic disorders are fever, cough, fatigue, sputum production, headache, haemoptysis, acute cardiac injuries, hypoxemia, dyspnoea, lymphopenia, and diarrhea. On the other hand, the main respiratory disorders are rhinorrhoea, sneezing, sore throat, pneumonia, ground-glass opacities, RNAaemia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (Hussin and Siddappa 2020). 


The novelty of the virus rests in its unpredictable strange behavior, although in the early stages of the infection it develops very slowly and behaves like the common viruses; if it finds a weakened immune system, it proceeds severely fast, destroying the lungs, by creating pulmonary fibrosis. At this state the patient has a level of dyspnea as if he is drowning in water. At present, there are no specific antiviral drugs or vaccine against Covid-19 infection for potential therapy of humans. T

he only option available is using broad-spectrum antiviral drugs, HIV-protease inhibitors that could attenuate virus infection and chloroquine, which has been shown to control the 2019-n Co V infection in vitro (Lu 2020; Chen et al. 2020; Wang et al. 2020abc; Toots et al. 2019). 

Anti-inflammatory drugs (such as hormones and other molecules), as well as Chinese traditional medicines, such as ShuFengJieDu capsules and Lianhuaqingwen capsules, have also been used (Ji et al. 2020; Ding et al. 2017).

All of the drug options come from experience in treating SARS, MERS, or some other new influenza viruses previously, and are aiming to address active symptoms. These drugs above may prove helpful, but their efficacy needs to be further confirmed. The research methodology with regard to traditional or other medicines which are needed in this pandemic is mentioned by others (Lu 2020; Wang et al. 2020abc; Zhang et al. 2020).

In our present work, we will focus upon the logical structure and benefits of homeopathy as a therapeutic system suitable to cope with this pandemic.


With the help of mathematics, we will show that the fundamental therapeutic law on which homeopathy is founded can be proved.Go to:

Homeopathy and Covid 19. Results and discussion

Homeopathy is a natural therapy method and an experimental science. It exploits a main property of nature, that of self-similarity on a change of scale. The term self-similarity is used to show that similarity between the disease and the substantces which under the same conditions present similar behavior must be full and lead to a mathematical identity.

Homeopathy, as a healing method, is based on the Hippocratic ΄΄Similia Similibus Curentur΄΄ therapeutic law. The physician relies on the wholeness of symptoms revealed during the entire evolution of the infection, and prescribes an ultra – high diluted succussed solution product which has been proven to heal similar conditions. This is a great advantage in this timing while Covid-19 disease is in rapid devemopment, because the diagnosis of the indicated ultra-high diluted succussed solution product is based on individual symptoms (if these are very characteristic) or on the totality of symptoms, and not in the pathology.

Established medicine has to wait until the cause for the pathology is found, whereas in homeopathy we take into consideration the response of the organism to the causative factor (the totality of the symptoms) in order to start the treatment. Therefore, the intervention can be immediate and very helpful for the patient.


The totality of symptoms for each patient become the guiding signs for finding the indicated remedy. In that way we can prescribe an ultra high – diluted succussed solution product with the first manifestation of symptoms, preventing the full development of the pathology. Let us not forget that the basic principle is that there are not diseases but patients, and that every patient is a special case. Homeopathic ultra – high diluted succussed medicinal products which are used as remedies come from nature (of plant, animal, mineral nosode origin etc.), naturally manufactured (trituration, dilution, succussion) and with an infinite storage time.

They present reverse self-similarity properties with almost all known diseases. Also, as we have demonstrated in our previous work, the physical features — size and granularity — of solid raw starting materials to prepare these ultra high diluted succussed solution products are strongly affected by trituration in lactose, before turning them into homeopathic solutions, and in the final triturated step the materials are transformed into micro/nano scale (Kalliantas et al. 2018; Kalliantas et al. 2017). The validation of the Hippocratic idea that a substance which may cause symptoms to a healthy person can also cure these symptoms was carried out for the first time by S. Hahnemann with Cortex Peruvian fever tree bark. He called this work “drug proving” and he was the first to lay the foundations of the experimental medicine long before the birth of Claude Bernard (Kalliantas 2008).

Homeopathy and Covid 19 … a little mathematics that brings us back to statistical calculations to prove the data of this great scientific work.


Let us see how this reasoning–practice can be depicted on a mathematical level theoretically. The value of this footprint helps the logic of documentation–foundation that runs through homeopathy. Let E and E’ be the patient and the prover (a healthy person on whom a homeopathic remedy is tested for effectiveness) respectively.

Patient E.

A = Dynamic operator of the pathogenic cause.

χi = Symptom or symptoms of physical disease which correspond to the alterations of the biochemical kinetics of the organism after the action of A.

χ0 = the normal biochemical kinetics of the organism.

The term “operator” means a symbol, which, when being applied to a function, is transformed into another.

Prover E’.

C = Dynamic operator of the under-examination pathogenic substance.x′ι= Symptom or symptoms of the prover which correspond to alterations of the biochemical kinetics of the organism after the action of C.χ′0= the normal biochemical kinetics of the prover.

According to the above statement, the patient, before becoming ill, was healthy, and a pathogenic cause had an effect on him. The action of A upon E gives us symptoms. Therefore, it could be said that the symptom or symptoms are the result of the action A and its development on x0 of E. Then, it could be considered that:xi=Ax0.1

Continue the math and statistics

Here A can be considered to transform x0 into xi (disturbed metabolism). Similarly, if x′ιis the same symptom or symptoms in the prover as those of the patient, then this is a result of the C’s action, which is the dynamics of the under-examination pathogenic substance in χ′0, which is the normal biochemical kinetics of the prover.

Then we havexi′=Cx0′2

Here C again can be considered to transform x′0 into x′i. Since the patient and the prover are human beings with similar functions (there are no identical organisms), the relationship which connects their biochemical kinetics can take place with the help of an operator, such as B.

Then we havexi′=Bxi3x0′=Bx04


So (3)⇒(1)x′i=BAx05

From (4)⇒x′0=Bx0⇒x0=B−1x′06

and (5)⇒x′i=(BAB−1)x′0


It can be observed that the “operators” C and A which correspondingly represent the dynamics of the pathogenic substance and the dynamics of the pathogenic factor are interrelated with an affine transformation.

The operator B is used to connect two biochemical kinetics, the patient and the prover, in an equality relationship. It could also be noticed that in the equation of operators C = BAB−1, B is presented as the product of itself with its opposite.


Homeopathy is an individualized system of therapy, therefore there is no possibility that one remedy will cure all cases of a specific pathology. However, from the afore-mentioned symptoms, both respiratory and systemic, professional homeopathic physicians could use homeopathic ultra – high diluted succussed solution products in the early stages of pathology such as Aconitum napellus or Arcenicum Album or Eupatorium perfoliatum or Gelsemium or Ipecacuana, in the later stages Bryonia or Phosphorus as the main drugs, and in the final stages Antimonium Tartaricum or Baptisia or Camphor Officinalis. (Vithoulkas 1997; Ghegas 2000; Allen 1995; Boericke 1990; Schroyens 1993). All the ultra – high diluted succussed solution product doses can be given to patients in 200c or 1 M potencies without using any other medications.Go to:

“… I remind you that homeopathic remedies have been declared drugs. So Homeopathy and Covid 19: at stake are DRUGS such as Aconitum Napellus, Arsenicum Album, Phosphorus, Bryonia, Camphora, Gelsemium, Eupatorium, Antimonium Tartaricum. “

Homeopathy and Covid 19. Conclusion

Today, it is imperative that ever-safe medicinal products such as homeopathic ultra – high diluted succussed solutions are tested in this pandemic. Epidemiological research has to be carried out to include homeopathic treatment and compare it to established treatments. Patients should be assigned randomly in two different groups of at least 200–400 individuals, and receive respectively established and homeopathic treatment. The evaluation of the results from both groups could reveal which group has a superior outcome in survival, general health conditions, etc., and to what extent.Go to:

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