Alumina, homeopathic remedy. Aluminum and homeopathy: 2nd part.

alumina and aluminum
alumina and aluminum

Alumina is an extremely useful homeopathic remedy, which we find in the treatment of many pathologies, especially neurological ones.

The first thought when I open the pages of Alumina’s materia medica is memory.

Alumina and memory

Alas, starting to see that one’s memory starts failing scares us and immediately pathologies such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s appear to us… .. brrrr! they are situations that terrify us.

Here, in many of these situations Alumina can help us restore a more ready and lively memory.

Alumina. A-lumen.

Alumina is also a-lumen, i.e. without light. What do I mean? A person devoid of joy, gloomy, absent from life, who does not emanate emotions or feel feelings for others. A person who wants to be alone, stuck in his world. This also for fear of not being able to say, not being able to do, not being able to behave normally when he is away from home.

There is confusion, a lot of confusion in the head. The words don’t come to her, so she starts using words that we call “passe-par-tout”, like “what”, “cosare” etc.

Alumina is precisely the remedy that helps detoxify our body from too much aluminum that we have deposited who knows where and who knows how long and which, however, begins to make itself felt. Signs and symptoms can be hair loss, headache, dulling of the senses, constipation, confusion and decreased memory. Great tiredness not explained by our normal daily activities.

Constipation is one of the main reasons why you get to know Alumina. In fact, it is used a lot in the constipation of babies, children but also of our cats!

You will discover how fascinating homeopathy is and how you can solve small daily problems on your own without running the risk of running into side effects but knowing that you are doing the right thing.


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