Schüssler salt: Calcium Fluoratum


The most important word to recognize the pathology or the situation in which we can use Calcium Fluoratum Schüssler salt is: elasticity.

All that represents a loss of elasticity respects the condition in which this Schüssler salt can be assumed.

We think about pathologies such as osteoarthritis in adults and in our grandparents, or osteoarthritis of the knees in athletes. I think of my dear tennis teacher to whom I am giving Calcium Fluoratum among the various homeopathic remedies, in order to always have the pleasure of playing with him!

Calcium Fluoratum is a Schüssler salt that is used a lot throughout the growth phase of our children. Over the years, their spine has to stretch and grow properly. Alas the school desks and too many hours spent on the computer can alter and hump their back.

Let’s help them with Schüssler Salt Calcium Fluoratum.

Schussler salt. Calcium fluoratum
Scoliosis in growing boys. Schussler salt

All Schüssler salts can be used very easily and safely to treat both ourselves, our children, our family but also our animal friends.

Schussler salt in veterinary

For example, think about hip dysplasia in dogs that is very common, but also all arthritic forms that can arise in any animal breed.

Doctor Schüssler was a doctor who lived in the same period as Doctor Hahnemann. He was a scholar of homeopathy and wanted to create a homeopathy that was easier, much easier and that was understandable to everyone. That’s why Dr. Schüssler’s Biochemical Therapy is considered a “simple homeopathic therapy”.

Below you will see a video that is part of “Schüssler’s Salt OmeoCourse”. You can immediately understand what the method and its application is … fast and intuitive.

I wanted to share this salt No. 1, Calcium Fluoratum with you, because it is the salt that helps us to restore elasticity to all those tissues that have lost it, which have become rigid … and what about the period we are living in? It is marked by rules, protocols, decrees, social distances, rigidity of behavior. Nothing is more spontaneous, not even a handshake … there is no longer that elasticity even of thought that, up to that time, had kept us free men!

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  1. great publіsh, very іnformative. I ponder why the opposite specialists of this sector do not understand this.
    Yοu should continue your writing. Ӏ am confident, you have a huցe readers’ baѕe already!

    • I’m glad to read your words. Sure, I’m going on these topics and we’ll do some other videos to explain better Schussler salts.
      Thank you!!!!!


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