Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy
Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy: With every emergency … its drops !!!! 😉

Our talented Germana Rachel, experienced and passionate florist therapist, tells us about this very important therapy. It is a mixture of five flowers: Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum and Star of bethelhem. The Rescue Remedy is also called Five Flowers Remedy or with other similar names.

Bach developed this mixture for all those small or large emergency situations. In all those situations that require immediate intervention, where it is not possible to calmly choose the remedy.

This fantastic mix of Bach Flowers can be used with an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation.

When to use the Rescue Remedy

When you need help if overwhelmed by a variety of emotions or behavioral problems such as: bad news, fears of particularly stressful experiences, sudden anxiety states, tensions, small momentary stress accidents.
In these cases, the immediate use of the rescue remedy promotes faster recovery and greater emotional balance.

Small clinical case

I still remember a lady who suffered a rear-end collision and was taken out of the car in a state of mental confusion, and while waiting for help to arrive, I gave her 4 drops of the rescue remedy.

The immediate reaction was to send me to that country asking me angry: but what did you give me? It doesn’t matter how he treated me, but he had already recovered from stunning 😉

Obviously, the rescue does not resolve the situation if this requires medical help. Be careful never to underestimate the event! However, use it because it allows a better reaction to the situation.

Rescue Remedy in children

It is very useful, for example, for small sudden fears, in accidents, when bad news is received (mourning, illness), sudden moments of anxiety, for tests that face school, fears, panic attacks, etc. .

Rescue remedy in children

Glass of water

Put 4 drops of this Bach’s remedy in a glass of water and sip it. At first, in small close sips (even every two or three minutes), then as the symptoms subside, the number of assumptions decreases. If you don’t have time or don’t have time to take a glass of water, you can take 4 drops of the pure remedy.


Rescue is an emergency remedy and should be used as such. It cannot replace the daily use of Bach flowers.

To obtain good results and to be in good health with flower therapy, it is important to take the most suitable flowers for each one, personalizing them on the basis of the current situation.

It should therefore not be taken for too long periods, precisely because it is suitable for sudden, occurring and emergency situations.

Ask the Floriterapeuta for advice.

😅 But my bottle is not called rescue remedy!

The name rescue remedy is registered so you will find many other names on the market depending on who produces it, such as: emergency five flower rescue, resource remedy, first aid drops and certainly many others.

To be sure that it is the same mixture, make sure that there are five specific flowers among the components, often indicated by their botanical name (clematis vitalba, impatiens glandulifera, helianthemum nummularium, prunus cerasifera, ornithogalum umbellatum)


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