Immune defenses and inflammation

immune system
immune system
immune defenses and inflammation
immune defenses and inflammation

It has always been important to speak of “Immune defenses and inflammation”. They are two concepts that inevitably bind. We must increase and safeguard the former and try to lower and govern the latter.

 By now, however, our whole life is made to raise inflammation and destroy our immune system. What are we doing? How can we repair it?

Immune defenses and inflammation: how to regain balance.

Certainly, important are a healthy lifestyle based on good food, outdoor sports, oxygen and moments of relaxation. The latter are extremely precious because they allow us to take back our space and our time. So, for example, why not try meditation?

 Let’s teach this to our children! No more colored or carbonated drinks. No to snacks because we are in too much of a hurry to make a tart or a donut for our children. Boh, at the gym and electronic games … for heaven’s sake, I’m not against sports in the gym but if possible, let’s alternate them with something to do outside, outdoors, in the sun!!!

We learn to eat properly. And, in this regard, I suggest reading the articles written by Dr. Patrizia Belilli on “Nutrition and inflammation”.

And then, let’s help with supplements that bring the right amount of essential nutrients and that can work to keep our body functioning properly. Let’s talk about folic acid, probiotics, omega 3, vitamin C and vitamin D.

It is important to check our blood doses of Vitamin D (you can see them in the photo above), folic acid / folate (3 – 15 ng / ml) and Homocysteinemia (5-12 micro-moles per liter).

What is homocysteinemia? It is a detector of the thrombophilic state in a given moment of a certain person. This value is telling us that it may or is already starting, a thrombotic process somewhere in our engine. Having high levels of homocysteinemia indicates a coagulation risk condition. In these cases, every doctor will prescribe folic acid in the dosage he deems appropriate.

So, as you can see, we already have various tools to understand if our body works well or needs help. Just do simple blood tests.

And the intestine? What role does it play in all this?

Another indicator of health is the intestine! Yes, our dear intestine to which our old doctors paid so much attention … A lot of time and questions on the modalities and characteristics of the daily evacuations of their patients. Medical Semeiotics … but is it still taught in our universities?

Any questions about it?

I wonder why it should be the basis of every medical examination, whatever the colleague’s specialization. And yet, how many doctors ask you how you go to the bathroom, how many times, the consistency of stools etc.? This is valuable information. Many times, my patients are amazed by these questions. And they are even more surprised when they discover that going to the bathroom two or three times a day is not normal. Regularity is synonymous with good functioning of the intestinal system. The intestine is responsible for the absorption of essential nutrients for our life and the disposal of toxic substances … does it seem little to you???

accurate illustration of inflamed intestinal villi

We have to go improve intestinal work. It is imperative!

 We will therefore use lactic ferments, probiotics that dampen intestinal inflammation by repopulating good “germs”, friendly “germs”, our intestines. They will be able to repair the mucous membranes and intestinal membranes. Over time, they will be able to recover a situation of well-being. They will replenish our immune defenses and prevent the occurrence of other inflammations in any part of our body.

 Here, we propose the video of Dr. Marina Salvi on the bases of prevention against Coronavirus. Bases which, however, can be extended to any other inflammatory situation…. let’s think together!


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