Flu, colds, bronchitis and aromatherapy

Flu and essential oils
Flu and essential oils

Flu, cold, bronchitis are our winter travel companions! Some more, some less, during the winter season experiences a congested nose, sore throat, fever and phlegm and so on.

Very important in these cases is aromatherapy. Essential oils are truly medical therapy. I will never tire of saying it!

The essential oils I recommend to my patients are from the Podere Santa Bianca company. They are truly special oils, absolutely safe and prepared according to the most serious respect for nature. The concepts of seasonality, the balsamic period of the plant, the chemical composition of the essential oil produced which changes from year to year and so on are important. These concepts and much more you can learn and deepen them in our courses on “Essential oils for mothers and babies” and in our aromatherapy school.

To better face these months it would be good to have some essential oils at home. In particular Thyme vulgaris, bitter orange, incense, cypress, eucalyptus, true lavender and lemon.

Flu, cold, bronchitis and essential oils

Thymus vulgaris: consider it a natural “antibiotic”. Whenever you have an infection to treat, add it to your mix.

Bitter orange is used above all for that angry, asthmatic little cough that doesn’t leave you alone.

For incense there is only one word to describe it: wonderful. It cleans the whole bronchial tree but also the mind. It elevates your spirit, supporting you very well in any disease. This is why I invite you to follow the lesson you will find on homeomundi and on our YouTube channel “Gold, frankincense and myrrh“.

Cypress is the essential oil for deeply healing the lungs.

Eucalyptus globolus is particularly suitable for colds.

Lavender Vera is an excellent and powerful anti-inflammatory and relaxing.

Lemon, on the other hand, is a very effective disinfectant, energizer and tonic also, and above all, on the mood!

Flu and Essential oils
Flu and Essential oils

Trust and try to make these fumigations or vaporizations or diffusions by mixing together more essential oils. Flu and Cold mix could be eucalyptus + thyme + bitter orange. For a bronchitis I would put thyme + cypress + bitter orange + true lavender. To disinfect the environment real lavender and lemon.

I recommend incense alone. If anything, put it in a speaker and run it for three hours by setting the time on your speaker. You will get up much better in the morning, you will breathe well and you will be lighter and more positive in the soul.

We suggest right and safe essential oils: Podere Santa Bianca

If you want to buy essential oils at Podere Santa Bianca, I remind you to add the OMEO2019 code to your purchases. You will always receive a 10% discount. It is for the recognition of the commitment that we put into spreading a correct medicine for everyone, based on effective and safe therapies such as the essential oils of Podere Santa Bianca.

To the list of oils for influenza and Co. that we have made, you can certainly add many others such as Cloves (pain in the teeth and lymphatic system), Gaultheria (or wintergreen) for muscle pain, lumbago, sciatic and then, the ‘inevitable Tea Tree Oil…. the super wild card that can be good for anything: canker sores, to be put on the toothbrush to remove tartar, on wounds, hemorrhoids, etc.

Well, as you can see, there is a world of essential oils that I hope you want to discover with us!


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