Coronavirus and prevention


Coronavirus and prevention: it is imperative today and vital for our future.

In these days of “ordinary madness”, I have received many videos, messages, poems, stories.

But the image that most impressed me is the one you see below.

……………………………. Germ theory – Vaccinate fish ……………………………………………….. Soil theory – Cleaning the tank

Pure and simple truth

Coronavirus and prevention

Even the most complex and distorted mind can understand such an easy, intelligent, intuitive thing … simply the truth!

Let’s take a step back. Have you ever heard of Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard?

Let’s remember and resume the story        

Louis Pasteur was responsible for the first vaccine, applied science in order to defeat germs. He thought that all diseases were caused by microbes. And that’s how he spent all his research as a chemist (he wasn’t a doctor) to try to find the solution, the right vaccine to annihilate the enemy germ. In the same years when Pasteur worked as a chemist, there was a French physician and physiologist who instead went in the opposite direction: Dr. Claude Bernard.

Claude Bernard introduced the scientific method as an “observation-hypothesis-experimentation sequence”. That is, if from my observation I deduce a hypothesis, this MUST be confirmed or refuted by experimentation. As a physiologist, Bernard put “how do cells live?”, “How does a phenomenon happen?” At the center of his medical research. and NOT “because a cell lives or because a phenomenon occurs”. It is a substantial difference. Attention is drawn to the mechanisms and metabolisms which, if carried out correctly, lead to patient health.

Dr. Bernard then introduces what is fundamental for us doctors: “le milieu intérieur”, that is, the internal medium, the soil in which our cells live, a concept to which the importance that we finally give today to the matrix is ​​linked extracellular.

The extracellular matrix           

Already the extracellular matrix! A concept that in my Medical Pathology textbook corresponded to a short article of at most 10 lines in a 1500 page tome (years 1992-1993) and that today, however, rightly, receives the correct attention. There are conferences, seminars, books on the extracellular matrix.

What is it? It is a space in which our cells float and which allows the exchange of information between one cell and another. If we keep this space free and clean, the cell will NOT be able to get sick, except for physiological reasons of time and age. Cleaned from what? Slag, toxins, heavy metals, oxidants, drugs, junk foods … all molecules that cause acidosis … even a child knows what it means acid. It means corrosive, potentially bad, not available for communication. It is also said in common jargon. When we say that a person is “acid”, we are referring to someone who does not want an exchange, does not appreciate sharing a social relationship, a presumptuous person who in some cases dictates rules without asking for advice from others.

Acid environments favor inflammation, the onset of autoimmune diseases and cancer. Yes exactly. The cancer cell loves, loves acidity. And I stop here (at the moment).

So, taking up the lines of the speech and going back to our Pasteur and Bernard, I want to tell you that at the end of his life, Louis Pasteur admitted his mistakes, writing a letter to Bernard: “you were right, the soil is everything and the microbes are not nothing”.

Even Rudolph Virchow, a German pathologist and founder of cellular medicine, said: “If I could go back I would devote my life to proving that germs seek their natural environment, the ‘sick’ tissue, instead of being themselves the cause of that fabric 

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