What does Homeopathy mean

homeopathic remedies dating back to 1800
homeopathic remedies dating back to 1800

What does Homeopathy mean: it is a word that derives from the union of two Greek words: òmoios and pàthos or similar and hear (feel the similar). Many have given precise definitions. We want to bring you to understand what homeopathy is, and at this point, you will no longer need the merely academic definition, but you will have made this wonderful “Art of Healing” your own.

The road to homeopathy

In short, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, in the late 1800s, stopped being a doctor because he was dissatisfied with the possibilities of treatment that the medicine of that time provided. He could not cure any major disease. He therefore decided to work as a text translator. And it was by translating a text on malaria that discovered homeopathy. The text described a curious event: workers from the cinchona tree, from which quinine was produced to treat malaria, very often reported the same symptoms of malaria despite not having been infected by the evil mosquito. So, they had the same state of illness only because they worked with the substance with which malaria is treated: cinchona!


Here is what Homeopathy means: “Similia Similibus Curentur”, that is, similar treats the similar.

In this case the cinchona which is used to treat the malaria patient, in a healthy person causes the same symptoms as malaria.

What does Homeopathy mean in everyday life?

Another example may be a cold, more easily. If you remember what happens to you by slicing an onion, and here you are: your eyes red, you water, your nose starts to run, your nose becomes red and congested … what does it remind you of? … cold!!! In fact, the onion, which in homeopathy is called Allium Cepa, cures a cold.

Repeating again: onion in a healthy person causes the same symptoms as a cold. So, a person with a cold is treated by homeopathized onion.


Hence, it is the pursuit of similar, the purpose of the homeopathic doctor. He must find the plant, the mineral, the mushroom or the animal which, if taken by a healthy person, will give the same symptoms as the patient he has to cure.

What does Homeopath mean? Scientific basis of homeopathy.

Here is the beauty then lies in the preparation of these remedies and in the extreme modernity of the thought of this German doctor of the 1800s. The meaning of homeopathy is enclosed in the thought that was already nourished by current Quantum Physics. I will not do a physics treatise here, also because I do not have the skills. What was enough for me as a doctor attached to the tests: how it is made, why it works like this,  and what is the explanation of how water molecules can bring information. The concept of Information Therapy passes through the concept of electromagnetic waves and their respective fields, with which care tools have also been made, it is truly the “keystone” to understanding how a “sugar ball or a drop of water that brings information” does to heal the cold mentioned before.

Homeopathy means therapy that cures without side effects

And the beauty is that it heals without giving side effects. There are no adverse events that distress us every time we take a drug and read its “leaflet” or package leaflet. There are written really possible catastrophes that can overwhelm us only because we take that particular pharmacological principle. On the other hand, in homeopathic remedies there are no unwanted reactions and they are not even accompanied by a package leaflet even if they have been declared a “drug”. Ask you why? Because there are really no side effects and there are therapies that can be taken by anyone, from zero to a hundred years!!

They also do not conflict with current therapies, whether they are antihypertensive, antibiotic or even oncological. There is no counter reaction or decrease in effect.

At this point we can reiterate the concept that the homeopathic remedy represents a therapy that cures without giving side effects, without causing other pathologies, without altering the course of other existing therapies (if anything helping them) and that it can be addressed to everyone, absolutely everyone, young and old.

Well really the medicine that every doctor wishes to meet in his life … or am I wrong?

Homeopathy works, that’s the purpose!

Treat without worsening the health of your patient: this is the profound meaning of homeopathy. Isn’t this our purpose? Is this not the desire of a woman who is attentive to the health of her partner or her family and who does not want a single prescription to be gradually passed on to a multitude of prescriptions??? Strange custom is to see that the drugs always increase both in number and in dosage…. Maybe, there is something that miss us!

If you have the pleasure, curiosity and desire, you can take our course on: “Information-water-homeopathy”.

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“Homeopathy in the World” …. New horizons will open to you!

Only by seeing and understanding what exists outside our home can we be truly free. Free to follow our own thoughts, to make our choice after having seen, learned, elaborated the many realities present in the world.


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