Supplements are precious friends for our body

Gli integratori e le vitamine

Supplements are precious friends for our body. They help us support our immune defenses and improve many metabolisms of our system.

But why throw yourself on any supplement or natural substance such as lemons and kiwis? Why do people so-called “Techniques” lash out against a legitimate orange juice?

From what we read even in important newspapers is that there are no advantages eating properly with fruit and vegetables. Perfect! Then we only eat pills, only chemicals and we will save ourselves.

For breakfast we can choose between 3 or 4 types of cortisone, for lunch I would suggest antibiotics and for dinner certainly antihistamines that also improve sleep! It is truly hallucinating. I can’t understand how some people become so violently inflamed every time we recommend supplements, healthy food to improve our lives. Are you so afraid that your drug use will decrease? Why?

Supplements are precious friends.

It is essential to explain how we can help ourselves to have an immune system capable of defending itself. In this regard, supplements are valuable friends.

Each of us has already partially weakened our system by taking medications daily. For example, I take an antihypertensive and a progesterone tablet every day for a gynecological pathology called endometriosis. I also think of diabetics, heart patients, asthmatics etc. How many of us take medications daily!!!! Well, precisely for this reason we should suggest to support our body with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, with supplements with vit C, Vit D, the group of vit B etc. Vitamins in general are essential for many of our body’s metabolisms.

Vitamins and right behavior.

In particular, in this period in which we find ourselves fighting against an invisible enemy like coronavirus it is appropriate to think of Vit C, Vit D and Glutathione. They are substances that can help us prevent disease.

Just all the rules adopted. Right are the masks, always washing your hands, staying at home … all sacrosanct! But DOING also helps. Taking supplements is not only good for our body but it helps our mind. We are aware that we are DOING something for us! We are not suffering but we are actively acting.

Staying on DOING, it is important to plan, think about what to do as soon as we could recover a normal life, think about what to do while waiting for this period to pass, make our home more beautiful, do those jobs that we always postpone.

To do is the right supplement, along with those already listed above.

The awareness that there are excellent professionals who will take care of us should we fall ill must give us the certainty that everything will be fine.

In our country there are really doctors and paramedics of great experience and wisdom. This is our great strength.


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