Homeopathy. Understanding it’s like drinking a glass of water


Why is it so difficult to understand homeopathy? Understand how Homeopathy works and what is its mechanism?

Alas, we come from a scientific culture that tries to chop our body by always going towards the smallest part of it, to understand what is inside and how every single particle is made. By doing this, one obviously arrives at the discovery of the presence of substances, molecules, in one word to Chemistry. It is concluded that the body is made up of chemicals that react with each other through biochemical processes. After years and years spent on books studying covalent bonds, matter made of molecules, atoms etc. each of us doctors are very certain that there cannot be anything other than the biochemical reaction.

Well, what we have studied, unfortunately, is nothing more than a small percentage of how our body really is made. With this Omeocorso, we introduce the new and finally, true conception of the “Electromagnetic Man”.

Are you curious? Did I turn on any light bulbs in your brain?

We will get there slowly. The journey we will make thanks to our Engineer Roberta Sidera, will be exciting, very interesting and extremely easy. Simple concepts that will surely be understood by anyone. No degrees or masters are needed to follow the lessons of Dr. Sidera. Her way of speaking really manages to get into all our brains … even the most closed, or “Jurassic” like mine!

Homeopathy and Quantum physics. Easy and understandable for everyone.

We will deal with Quantum Physics because it is precisely here that we will find the explanations we seek. How are we made? How do our cells communicate? and finally …. how does homeopathy work? Who is a homeopath?

The first video we want to share with you, starts with the most important thing in our life: water! …. Good vision!


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