Our 4-legged friends and homeopathy


Homeopathy for animals. An effective therapy, free of side effects, safe!

Fortunately, Homeopathy has also entered the work of many of our veterinarians. Many veterinary doctors treat our animals with success, supporting and helping them with homeopathic remedies.

It is a safe and reliable medicine for any veterinary pathology affected any type of animal: dogs, cats, hamsters, but also farm animals, horses, cows … and why not, to be used also for zoos animals.

And in these difficult days, which we would never have thought of living, veterinary doctors have never stopped helping our animals, treating them and taking care of them. This situation so “surreal” in which social distancing is the undisputed master of our days and our behaviors … here, despite this condition, veterinarians still open their studies to us. Sometimes even with great space difficulties…. Sincere thanks to all of them!

Homeopathy for animals

In the following video, Dr. Marina Salvi will explain to you how to use some homeopathic remedies for the treatment of verminoses, in our little 4-legged friends and also for our children.

Verminosis is a condition that is often found in puppies or animals that come from kennels or animal shelters. Their living conditions in these hospitalizations, unfortunately, are often not adequate, so we easily find ourselves dealing with intestinal parasitosis.

The same pathology is present very frequently in children who attend kindergartens, nurseries or the first grades of elementary school. Also, in these cases we will use the same homeopathic remedy. With confidence, let’s turn to Homeopathy!

It is very interesting to understand how it is so easy to treat and  to help our little friends.

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