Arnica montana, for physical and emotional trauma! … safe and reliable


Arnica montana is a very important homeopathic remedy.

Arnica for physical and emotional trauma! Whether small or big traumas, Arnica montana will help us solve them at all times in our lives.

Arnica fiore
Arnica montana

This remedy comes from a flower that grows in the high mountains. At heights with wonderful scenarios but also in situations where the danger of a fall is around the corner. In the mountains we can get hurt. Falls, muscle tears, burns but also great fears! And Arnica montana grows right there, in the area where we may really need it!

Arnica montana in homeopathy.

Arnica for physical and emotional trauma, is a certainty for the homeopath both expert and for “the apprentice”. It is usually one of the first remedies that one learns to know and has to use obtaining great successes!

We can use the Arnica montana homeopathic remedy for every fall, hematoma, sprain, muscle tear. It is also used to make hematomas and swelling reabsorb after a surgical procedure.


Delivery and traumas

Think also of the moment of delivery! There may be wounds, bleeds, lacerations but also for the newborn who passes through the birth canal. I don’t think it’s all this simplicity! We will have hematomas on the head but also some small hematomas on the body … and then we consider the fear of passing from the safety of the womb (a few noises, warm, the vibration of immense love that surrounds the fetus) to the madness of a delivery room: glaring lights , noises, voices, voices, voices…. yell out! wow what a trauma to be born! We can comfort our newborn babies with the gentle caresses of mountain arnica and in addition Star of Bethlehem (in Bach flower therapy, it is a flower that helps in shock).

During our life it could happen emotional and physical trauma.

Arnica for physical and emotional trauma! In fact, its fields of action are: surgery, traumatology, dentistry but also shocks, a pain for a recent mourning, a great sorrow. It can also help us to give peaceful nights to our children. Yes! … when they have nightmares, they wake up in the middle of the night frightened … we give Arnica montana … and we will all sleep soundly.

Unfortunately, in life we ​​face painful moments, such as the loss of affection or even great sorrows at work. We are sad, depressed and above all we feel disheartened, alone. These are the moments that we would really like to be left alone and go into hibernation in order to sleep and forget and … let time pass … like good mountain bears! Here, we can take this beautiful remedy that will embrace us, comfort us and hold our hand. She will be a good friend with whom to face everything in a more peaceful way.

Have the curiosity and stubbornness to learn more. Study this remedy and all other remedies with us. Homeopathy will help you extend your knowledge, your senses and your mind. Choose one of our home courses, the one you feel closest to you and then … who knows … have a good trip !!!!


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