Find help in Bach flowers

Find help in Bach Flowers
Find help in Bach Flowers

Find help in Bach flowers. We keep talking about our precious, faithful friends. We saw Rock Rose, and now we will talk about the other “Three Musketeers”: Gorse, Walnut and Elm.

After courage, it is essential to have “HOPE” in front of us and within us. Without this we won’t even be able to get out of bed. She gives us the strength to go on, she makes us believe that we can do it.


Make a therapy with Gorse means taking back the joy of believing in the future, of thinking that the negative experiences of the past will not be repeated and that in any case they served to learn. It is said that Gorse is “the sun in the bottle”, so think of Gorse when you want the energy, warmth, life and hope of the Sun inside you, when you really want to feel them flowing through your veins.

find help in bach flowers
Find help in bach flowers: Gorse

Well, and now we come to CHANGE. Courage and hope support us to face the very thing that scares us most: change. The new we do not know what will be. A change of work, office, home, school, but also a change that we must make to get better and that requires us to make choices.


Walnut is a flower that helps us make and accept this change in a positive way. It will take away all the negative influences, all those gossips that gossip behind our backs, the grumbling and negative criticisms of the new neighbors. We will no longer feel them because we will be balanced and centered on our being and on our choice. Walnut is precisely the flower that gives us positivity in change, we can say that it is the flower of Resilience.

Find help in Bach Flowers: Walnut
Find help in Bach Flowers: Walnut

Elm: Find help in Bach flowers

Find help in Bach Flowers: Elm
Find help in Bach Flowers: Elm

The last but not the least is Elm. Wow, what a fantastic flower. I once did a meditation on this very flower and experienced all its power. Yes, that’s right, through meditation, led by our friend Tiziana Buttari, I was able to feel what Elm gives to the people who take it: POLISH, a clear vision of what you have to do. It is like the moment before entering the battle.

You are focused and aware of what you want to do. Bright clarity and everything is there before your eyes. You just have to get up, put the helmet on your face and ACT! You will feel grit, power but also calm and serenity given by the unshakable certainty of the goodness of the road you have chosen. Come on, let’s move on, let’s not stop believing in a better world!

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