Bach flowers help us in this very difficult moment of our life

Bach Flowers Rock Rose
Bach Flowers Rock Rose

Bach flowers help us in this very difficult moment of our life. No one would ever have imagined facing such a situation. Many speak of Obscurantism, of a new Middle Ages. The certain fact is that we feel trapped, at the mercy of a magone made up of insecurities, devoid of points of reference. A magone in which you flounder because you don’t know who to listen to. Concerns for work, for our health and especially for the Tomorrow of our children.

Here, in this sea of ‚Äč‚Äčemotions come our “Rescue Flowers”! I present them to you and immediately recommend you to use them with confidence, to entrust them with gratitude. Let them come into your lives.

Rescue Flowers

In this and future articles I will tell you about Rock Rose, Gorse, Walnut and Elm. Like the “Four Musketeers” they will help you with perseverance, love, determination but also with the lightness that sometimes accompanies friendly help.

Let’s start with COURAGE. I’ll show you a photo that I projected in class a few days ago. In my opinion it expresses very well what we MUST do NOW.

Bach Flowers for courage
Bach Flowers for Courage

We are here to walk this path, this very precarious and fragile thread. We feel small, helpless. All too difficult to understand, to face. But let’s wake up. We find that healthy UNCONSCIOUSNESS of when we were little. We are not alone, there will always be help for us. The affection of a loved one, the constant presence of a trusted life partner such as our cat, our dog that protects our backs, that supports us if we are about to fall. And on the other hand, hope and planning are firmly in our hands that we must never let fly away. Our connection with spirituality, with our soul. The balloon that we hold strong, raises our heart, makes it light and safe for a tomorrow that will be better … I’m sure of it.

All this is Rock Rose. It is used when we are attacked by terror and panic. Taking it will help us develop courage. We will regain strength of nerves in the critical stages of life. When there seems to be no hope left, take and recommend this flower with great powers.

Rock Rose Bach Flower
Rock Rose Bach Flower
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