A vegetable garden to learn how to live

a vegetable garden to learn how to live
a vegetable garden to learn how to live

A vegetable garden teaches us in a simple way how we are made and what we should learn about ourselves to live healthily.

It happens that on a beautiful Sunday in May, my husband and I go to buy some plants for the garden which, with great effort, we managed to do. We studied, watched tutorials and eventually managed to build a small raised vegetable patch in our garden. And now? The choice of seedlings, which ones are in season, at what distance to put them, how many to put. How much respect do we have to give to growing seedlings to each find its own living space?

Well. We decide to go to the village market where we are sure to find farmers and farmers who will be able to explain the first rudiments. And indeed it is. Maybe we felt sorry for him or maybe he was tender, I don’t know.

However, our peasant master teaches us: “you don’t have to water every day. I recommend it. Every two or three days you can give him a drink. Even if you see that the earth on the surface is dry, it is not deep down. In this way you will force the plant to take deeper and deeper roots and therefore to become stronger. If, on the other hand, you give them water every day, the roots will only be superficial and the first day you forget to water them, they would dry up. Or it may happen that at the first rain with too much water the collar would rot…. “

A vegetable garden to learn how to live: Simple words

Such simple words to describe our immune system don’t exist! Our master gardener was very good. This knowledge is so easy to understand! So why have most people forgotten this? In the name of what do we poison the bodies of our children? For fear of what unlikely diseases do we subject a newborn immune system to so many chemical rains? Why don’t we let it harden itself, like seedlings?

I remember that, when I was little, there were healthy children in our classes, some more undisciplined, but all, all healthy. Today in our children’s classrooms there are dyslexics, various degrees of learning disorders, children with asthma, dermatitis, food intolerances, epilepsy up to even more severe pathologies such as autism and psychotic disorders of different levels. Could it be that this is just the case? But are there really those who think this?

a vegetable garden to learn how to live
a vegetable garden to learn how to live

Immature brains that are bombarded by constant and incessant electrical impulses. Children in the stroller with cell phones in hand because parents have to eat a pizza in peace. Just look for a moment of tranquility, but not at the expense of your children’s mental health. You cannot imagine the irreparable brain damage you are creating. If we were born with a ready and efficient brain we would not need months, years to learn to talk and walk.

Guys who, with this pandemic, do nothing but go from mobile phones, to computers, to video games, to tablets… the neurons are shutting down. There is a loss of reality. As doctors, we are witnessing enormous problems of identity, relationship and understanding of our adolescent boys.

I suggest:

In the meantime, we can begin to repair neurological damage using diluted and dynamized BDNF. BDNF is a neurotrophic growth factor that each of us has but which, in certain situations, cannot cope with injuries.

Another integration for all that is memory, nervous system and membranes is given by the contribution of Omega3, omega6. There are special specific formulations on the market EPA, DHA and GLA in the special 9: 3: 1 ratio that help a lot to repair the nervous and brain structures of our children by restoring proper nerve conduction.

It is time to wake up. To take back what nature teaches us good: respect for times, spaces, necessity that makes virtue. I don’t want to give up. I still firmly believe in a better world … and you?

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